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images Season 3 – Episode 19: “A photo restoration for Christmas”

Today we have a new episode of  season 3! 🙌

This time Angela came to looking for help to restore her mom’s picture. The photo was taken when Angela’s mom, Rachel, was 15 years old, in 1969. She took it at the Arizona state fair in one of the booths. Rachel married Ignacio Garcia, Angela’s father. He kept that photo of his wife in his wallet during all this time, since she gave it to him in 1969. That’s why it’s a very special picture. She wanted it as a Christmas gift for her father. The picture was really damaged, but we worked a lot to have it done just in time. 💪 The requests were remove the borders, clean the spots and fix the scratches and make and 8×10 and 4×6 size!

Play the video to watch the full story! 📹