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images Season 3 – Episode 18: “My husband and I at the age of one”

Today we have a new episode of the season 3! 🙌
This time Vickie visited looking for help to restore her husband’s baby picture, when he was just a year old. She wanted to restore the very damaged picture and frame it next to her own photo as baby! 👶 Her photo was in a good shape but it needed an adjustment in the size, so both pictures fit properly in the frame.
Vickie and her husband Floyd have 3 children: Dustin, Dillan, Sunny and Beau. They would love to have this frame with both pictures because they don’t have many photos of their parents at that age. So we work hard to help Vickie with this wish so we clean the scratches and spots and resize the other picture. The result was lovely 💗
Play the video to watch the story 📹