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Indonesia Solar Eclipse

Today we have a trip episode!

A total solar eclipse took place on March 8–9, this year (2016) 🌑

Did you know it had a magnitude of 1.0450? It started in Indonesia,
and ended in the northern Pacific Ocean 🌅 🌄

The eclipse was clearly visible in many parts of Indonesia, including Central Sulawesi and Ternate, but obscured by clouds and smokes in Palembang, the largest city on the path of totality. The eclipse coincided with Nyepi, a public holiday in Indonesia and the end of the Balinese Saka calendar. Because Nyepi is normally a day of silence, Muslims in Bali had to be given special dispensation to attend special prayer services during the eclipse.

Watch the video and enjoy that spectacular moment and much more! 📹 🎥