RestoreTV Vlog Season 1 – Episode 29: “My Great Grandmother”

Cynthia Comer; My Great Grandmother

Cynthia brought us a large print of her great grandmother that was very tattered and faded and highly in need of restoration! Cynthia says that her gr. grandmother, Sallie Whitley was known as a strong and hardworking woman. Press PLAY to hear Cynthia trace her family history line from her Great Grandmother Sallie Addie, then to Cynthia’s Grandma, Addie Eugenia who had 12 children, Cynthia’s mother Daisy being one of them! The photo restoration instructions included: Fixing scratches, fix the colors, add corners and create a 8×10″ print. We were thrilled to help restore this cherished family photograph for Cynthia and her family to enjoy!